Baby Exploration Project

We are researchers at Purdue University and New York University interested in how infants explore the home environment. Families near West Lafayette-Lafayette, IN and the greater New York City area will be able to participate in this exciting study! Experienced researchers will visit your home and record what happens in your everyday life. As babies acquire new skills such as manipulating objects, sitting, crawling, standing, and walking, they gain greater access to their home environment. Greater access, in turn, provides babies with new opportunities for learning about objects, places, and surfaces. At the same time, greater access can expose babies to potential hazards such as windows, stairs, and cleaning products. With your help, we will understand how babies’ changing skills affect their exploration and access to the home environment during natural everyday activity.

What families can expect

COVID-19 Protections

Researchers abide by the following protections:

Before and after each home visit, researchers sanitize everything brought into the home

Sign up and be a part of something big

We’d love for you and your child to participate! If you are interested, please contact us via email for New York area and email for Lafeyette area.

Participating universities and support

New York University                                        Purdue University

Additional Information for Parents

An Hour in the Life

NYU Infant Action Lab

Purdue Motor Development Lab

CDC Information Website for Parents

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